Maadhav Automotive Fasteners Pvt. Ltd

Maadhav Automotive Fasteners Pvt. Ltd

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AboutMaadhav Automotive Fasteners Pvt. Ltd

Maadhav Automotive Fasteners Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of unparalleled industrial fasteners. Backed by expert's personnel, sound infrastructure , warehouse and wide-distribution network, the company delivers world class anti- loosing screws, bolts, flange bolts, mould screws, self- tapping screws , self- tapping screw , fasteners- special bolts , screws- special screws, special and different screws, weld bolts, variety of bolts, mould screw, automotive bolts and rivets at most competitive prices. Their industrial fasteners have found their application in automobile industry, aircraft industry, electrical industry, switchgear industry, electronics industry and engineering industry.





Rivets are high strength one piece break-stem fastener that requires access from one side. Rivets are available in various materials such as Aluminum alloy, Steel and Stainless Steel in a variety of lengths & diameters. Rivets are available in various head forms like Dome Head, Countersunk and Large flange to suite applications where wide load spread or flush surface is required. Rivets provide economical means for fastening metal parts where easy disassembly is not required. These rivets are offered at affordable prices to its clients. They can customise these rivets as per the specifications as per the specifications of the clients.